Who is Privo?

Privo is an AWS Premier Partner with over 50+ certifications that help customers launch, manage and continuously optimize their virtual private cloud. What's the virtual private cloud you ask? It's a secure cloud desktop that makes it easy for people to access applications, documents and resources from anywhere, at any time and from ANY device. With offices near Boston and San Francisco, our team of AWS Solutions Architects is available 24/7 to support and monitor performance. We start by diving into your current desktop computing system (or infrastructure) to find the right fit for you. Whether you're using desktops and need help migrating to the cloud or you're on AWS and want to optimize your system, we work endlessly to solve your needs. Schedule a free consultation to get started!

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Assessments and Planning

Sign up if: You're on AWS and want an in-depth assessment to improve your system.

How it works: We start by diving into your current infrastructure and take the time to learn about your business, goals and team. Then we put together a Well-Architected-Review (also known as a "WAR") meant just for you. We use this to show you where you deviate from the 5 "pillars," or best practices, of the Well-Architected framework: reliability, cost optimization, performance efficiency, operational excellence, and security. Click here to learn more about our Assessment and Planning services. 

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Projects and Migrations

Sign up if: You're not currently using AWS and you're interested in building a seamless AWS cloud migration.

How it works: Our goal is to build a foundation that gets it right the first time. We start with a free consultation and after careful analysis, propose a plan of action. We'll then assign a project manager to facilitate communication and lead progress in your migration. You'll have access to our PM portal so you can see where your project is at all times. During our build phase, we'll tackle any roadblocks and change our course of action if we need to. We strive for a strong foundation and a seamless migration, even if that means steering away from the original plan. Schedule your free consultation today!

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Managed DevOps

Sign up if: You're an existing AWS member that wants to deploy code faster and improve technical operations.

How it works: DevOps (short for development and operations) is our way of stepping in to free up your best employees and serve as your support system. Think of us as the horsepower you need to move forward at a faster rate without giving up the reins. We don't sit back and babysit, we empower your team to think high-level and get the most value out of your infrastructure. With continuous modernization, alignment, and ongoing monitoring, we gain insights that help deploy code faster. Interested in diving in? Get started today!

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AWS Account Optimization

Sign up if: You want to lower your AWS spendings and want to optimize billing to increase ROI.

How it works: Our dedicated team of billing specialists, alongside our free OptiMiser portal, helps you get the most out of your AWS investments. You'll work with us to get discounts on AWS software, reduce unused resources and get proactive cost alerts that help manage your team. We'll give you access to interactive charts and reports so you can have a clear understanding of your bill breakdown. As an added bonus, you'll receive a daily breakdown of the following best practices across AWS: security, cost, availability, and usage. Ready to start saving money? Talk to an expert now!

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You're ready and eager to start talking about how these AWS services can benefit your company. However, you know how important it is to get organization-wide buy-in in order to be successful.

Download our guide to get an email template to use with stakeholders and a sample meeting agenda to talk about what a fully operating AWS account cloud could look like at your company.

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The Benefits


Never have to worry about losing sensitive information. 




Manage applications, documents and resources from anywhere and on any device.


Grow your team and launch virtual desktops for remote and onsite employees.


Save money on expensive hardware.


With 24/7 AWS monitoring, you'll have access to experts at all times.

Quotes on AWS Cloud Migration Services

“Privo has been great to deal with from the start. Effective communication and project management have been key to the success of getting our project off the ground.”

- David Fuge, CIO, Johnson Lambert


Privo an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Privo is a Premier AWS Consulting Partner with offices located in Boston and San Francisco.  We help customers migrate, manage, and optimize their infrastructure in AWS. Privo delivers these services across three main practice groups: DevOps, End User Computing, and AWS Cost Optimization.  

Amazon WorkSpaces AWS Cost Optimization

AWS allows you to have an agile, cost-effective, and scalable infrastructure to enable operational efficiency, and simplify access to applications for end users. With AWS, companies of all sizes can focus more on their core business instead of IT administration.

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