"Our AWS bill is out of control and we can’t make sense of it. Can you help us make sure we’re not getting overcharged?"


We hear questions like this on a weekly basis from CIOs as they watch their AWS bill go up every month like Amazon stock.

Not managing AWS costs proactively is more harmful than just the dollars you’re wasting -- it costs you the opportunity to fully realize the benefits of the cloud to transform your business.

This webinar will help you learn best practices for cost optimization. We’ve teamed up with CloudCheckr to help our customers make sense of their AWS bill and easily uncover the most effective ways to drive costs lower.

Brett Gadbury, Technical Account Manager at CloudCheckr, will shed light on the more advanced cost optimization strategies.

This is free information (there's no catch) and there is nothing to buy--even customers that choose to enroll in our cost optimization service don't pay a dime. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Cost optimization strategies you can employ now -- from the basics to advanced
  • Reserved Instances -- the different options and how to leverage them
  • How to target unused/idle resources
  • Survey of available tools to keep costs down

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The Nerds (Speakers)

Kara Green

Kara Green is Director of Operations at Privo and head of Privo’s AWS Managed Billing team.  

She has an honorary PhD in AWS billing and she can show anyone how to wring savings from their AWS bill!

Brett Gadberry

Brett Gadberry is Senior Technical Account Manager at CloudCheckr.  

Brett has a deep knowledge of advanced cost optimization strategies and he works with customers every day to help them optimize their AWS accounts.