Who is Revenue River

Revenue River is a digital agency that focuses on helping customer compete and win in the digital age. 

The Challenge

Revenue River was hosting their virtual desktop and server infrastructure with a regional cloud provider. They struggled with infrastructure downtime as well as on-going support issues that required frequent calls to the help desk, taking precious time away from servicing their clients.

The Solution

Privo created a dedicated virtual private cloud in AWS, and migrated their Windows server infrastructure including Active Directory, File Servers, line of business application servers as well as client-facing web servers, and deployed across two separate availability zones. Privo also migrated all of Revenue River's virtual desktops to Amazon WorkSpaces, replacing their traditional desktops with Zero Clients with near zero downtime. 


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The Benefits

Increased Reliability

AWS' infrastructure layer is designed with redundancy in mind to maintain continuous operation in the event of an emergency. Revenue River no longer has to worry about downtime as their mission critical infrastructure is deployed across several availability zones, each with their own redundant power, water, telecommunications, and internet connectivity. 

Reduced Cost

Revenue River was able to reduce operational cost by taking advantage of AWS' consumption pricing model, and only paying for the resources they need to support the agency today. 

Increased Productivity

With Privo owning the responsibility of maintaining Revenue River's server infrastructure as well as the individual virtual desktops, they were able to reduce the number of support tickets related to issues that could have been prevented if they were being proactively monitoring and maintained.  This allows them to spend more time focusing on helping customers move faster, and less time dealing with computer issues. 

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“Privo is fantastic at helping me look forward for my agency and design solutions for growth and scale”

- Eric Pratt, Managing Partner, Revenue River


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Privo is an APN Premier Consulting Partner with offices near Boston and San Francisco that helps organizations migrate, optimize, monitor and manage Amazon WorkSpaces, AppStream 2.0, and other AWS services that support end users and their access to back office IT infrastructure.


AWS allows you to have an agile, cost-effective, and scalable infrastructure to enable operational efficiency, and simplify access to applications for end users. With AWS, companies of all sizes can focus more on their core business instead of IT administration.

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