Three Ways to Stay Safe in the Cloud

Work from Home Safely!

Recently found yourself working from home?  Us too! With the power and flexibility of the AWS public cloud, it’s easier than ever to launch a remote workforce. 

  1. Connect with a VPN

With resources in the cloud, it’s easy to be tempted to allow simple access from anywhere.  EC2 Security Groups act like a firewall in AWS, controlling the traffic allowed into a particular instance.  Instead of granting broad access, restrict access to a known IP range, like the external IP of your office firewall.  Better yet, establish a VPN connection directly into the VPC so you never have to worry about accidental exposure.

  1. Enable GuardDuty

You’re likely to be seeing connections from new geographical locations as your workforce connects remotely.  GuardDuty is a fully managed intrusion detection service (IDS) which AWS makes available for very little cost.  Deployment couldn’t be simpler, just navigate to the GuardDuty management console, and turn it on! AWS’s threat detection engine is updated constantly and will automatically detect suspicious activity inside your VPC.

  1. Secure your IAM access with MFA

Encourage (or require!) your remote workforce to use MFA when logging into AWS.  With a bevy of free or low cost MFA apps on the market, it’s never been simpler to add this basic layer of security and keep everybody a bit safer in the cloud.

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