Let’s Talk AWS

We work incredibly hard every day to deepen our AWS knowledge, but we work even harder to give that knowledge away.
Aurora Serverless for MySQL 5.6 — Generally Available
The following is a re-post of an article written by Privo's very own Jack O'Brien, DevOps Team Lead, which you
An introduction to AWS Fargate
A really interesting primer on AWS Fargate from our DevOps Team Lead, Jack O'Brien! Please check it out. It's a 
Does Your Organization Celebrate Failure?
Author:  Doug Heestand - Partner Privo recently achieved a milestone of earning 50+ AWS Certifications and it made me 
Microsoft Makes It Easier (Cheaper) To Migrate To 365
Millions of businesses rely on Outlook for their email, calendar, and communication needs. The standard desktop version of Outlook stores 
3 Ways To Boost Profits With The Cloud
Calculating profit is one off the most basic functions in business accounting. A profit is the amount of revenue (money 
We're Hiring! (Again)
Are you looking for a place where you can learn and implement some of the latest and greatest technologies? Are 
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