Let’s Talk AWS

We work incredibly hard every day to deepen our AWS knowledge, but we work even harder to give that knowledge away.
Your First Task On A New AWS Project? Cost Optimization Strategy.
Cost optimization was not on Charlie Baker's radar when he got the job to migrate his company's IT resources to the AWS cloud. But as month ...
We are hiring!! (Again)
Are you looking for a place where you can learn and implement some of the latest and greatest technologies? Are
Enhanced Security and Compliance with the AWS Certificate Manager
For most of us, when surfing the web, we don’t notice the little padlock icon in the search bar just 
New AWS Reserved Instances: Scheduled On-Demand Computing
Often times businesses and organizations have to run major computing tasks on a regular basis as part of their day-to-day 
Top IT Trends to Look for in 2016
A new year often means new opportunities and 2016 is full of them. Here are a few of the biggest
A $5.00 Cloud Server is Possible with AWS
Less than a month ago, Amazon announced on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) blog the general availability of t2.nano, its 
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