Spring Clean Your Office With AWS

shutterstock_328178288April is here. The temperatures are rising, we’ve just completed the first quarter of the year, and (hopefully) all taxes have been filed. Just as many people start to do major cleaning projects at home with the nicer weather, you can easily do some office spring cleaning. In fact, the cloud can assist with many of your office reorganization efforts. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers many services to help keep your office neat and tidy, while offering elasticity and redundancy for your data and content.

Here are a few ways Amazon Web Services can assist with your spring cleaning efforts.

Consolidate Your Servers
Instead of having racks of servers in your server room (or closet – depending on how much space you have to work with), you can consolidate your servers with AWS. If you have a database you run on-premise, you can migrate that to the cloud with Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS). Data and content storage can be moved to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). Even if you need to have a few servers on-premise, you can move your non-essential items to the cloud and reduce the number of servers operating on your server rack.

Consolidating servers means less money your company has to spend on operation costs (electric, cooling, maintenance) and it can also free up room in your server room; room that can be used to store computer workstations and other peripherals until they are needed in the office.

Digitize Your Documents
If your company still has banks of file cabinets of documents taking up valuable office real estate, perhaps it’s time to digitize your paper files? Often companies hold onto documents as they are required to do so for auditing purposes. Or, they need to keep detailed records due to industry regulations or best practices. Or perhaps your company simply doesn’t like to let anything go. Whatever the reason is, you can digitize your paper documents and store them in the cloud for easy access.

Converting your documents into PDFs and other digital document formats means you can get rid of the large, bulky file cabinets taking up valuable space in your office. Plus, digitizing documents protects documents from physical damage such as fire or water damage. If you need to access your documents regularly, you can digitize them and then store them in Amazon S3. However if you are holding onto documents and files that you access infrequently you can digitize them and upload them to Amazon Glacial. Amazon Glacier is a low-cost, secure, and durable cloud storage service designed specifically for data archiving and long-term backup. Rates are as low as $0.007 per gigabyte per month. The only catch is that as this is for infrequently accessed data, retrieval time from the cloud to on-premise can take a few hours.

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