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We are a small Amazon Web Services (AWS) consulting firm located near Boston (Woburn, MA). The market for cloud services - AWS in particular - is going bonkers and the opportunities for career development at Privo will follow the same trajectory. We are looking for someone to help us coordinate our sales and marketing activities. This is not a soul-crushing sales job; you won’t have to bother disinterested people all day with some sales pitch. We have a well-established lead flow of highly-qualified customers who need to be ushered through our sales pipeline. We have certified AWS technical sales people who will handle the bulk of the technical questions but we will expect you to learn the business case for the various AWS services. Typical sales activities include sending quotes, following-up with leads, and eventually on-boarding them as new clients. On the marketing side, we have a lot of projects that will keep you busy such as planning events, exploring partnerships with other companies, coordinating with our representatives from AWS, and more. Never a dull moment!


A ridiculously great work environment. Our top priority as a company is creating a place where people love to work. Our office is relaxed, collaborative, and fun. We started our business with the premise that smart and creative people have a strong distaste for bureaucracy and micromanagement and they find it painful to work for small-minded people/companies. They want to come to work to make an impact, solve interesting problems, help their teammates, grow their skills and their careers, and build something great. We give you the freedom, respect, and resources to do all that without sucking your life force dry. In short, we believe your job shouldn’t feel like a job.

Endless Training and Career Development. The kind of people we are looking for are driven by a deep desire for continuous learning. AWS is the leading cloud platform and we give our employees the opportunity to learn it inside and out. We will pay for your AWS certifications and support your career development in any way we can.

Flexibility. It’s important that you live in the Boston area and come to the office most days, but you don’t have to come in every day. If you can be productive at home, we can develop a flexible schedule to fit your lifestyle. We collaborate using Slack and and Hangouts and it works great.


We want you to coordinate our sales and marketing activities as mentioned above. Day-to-day tasks would include being involved in a few sales calls, following up with people by email, answering pre-sales questions, on-boarding clients in our various systems, and lots of creative and organizational work around marketing and business development. For now, you would work directly for one of the partner’s, but very quickly you will work alongside other sales/marketing people as part of a sales and marketing team.


We are Privo, a small IT infrastructure consulting firm located in Woburn, MA with expertise in AWS migrations and management, managed services / help desk, and cybersecurity. Our website has been languishing for quite some time so please don’t judge! In fact, you can help us make it better!

Think for a moment about the vast numbers of servers humming away in dusty server closets around the world. Virtually all businesses that still own and operate their own servers (over 90% of businesses!) know they should move to the cloud but they lack the time and expertise to architect, migrate, and manage their infrastructure in the cloud. It requires knowledge of not just of the AWS platform but also of networking, VPNs, databases, Linux, Windows, security, monitoring, scalability, backups, and much more. This is what we do. We help businesses benefit from the incredible flexibility, scalability, and resilience of the cloud. We have a lot people that need help and we need your help to reach them all!

We are hunting for winged unicorns. We seek people who are smart, charming, gritty, and anxious to learn. We give our people opportunities to learn new skills and go deeper with the ones they already have. If you are looking for a place to grow professionally, this is it.


If this sounds like your kind of place, we of course want to see your resume, but more importantly we want to hear from you why you think you would be successful here. We’re not asking for the standard cover letter. We want your authentic voice and your personality to come through. Tell us your story. If you half-ass a cover letter, or send something generic, we’re going to half-ass our consideration of it and send you a generic rejection letter. No offense.

We look forward to meeting you!


  • Other-worldly communication skills
  • Charm and a sense-of-humor
  • An infectious positive attitude
  • Ability to manage your time and keep things from falling through the cracks even with multiple, simultaneous projects going on
  • Ability to own a project start-to-finish
  • Ability to learn technical jargon and talk the talk
  • Ability to learn the business case and basic technical details for AWS services
  • A good sense of design
  • Facility and speed using a various web-based tools such Google Sheets, ProsperWorks, Gmail, etc.


  • A great work environment
  • Free training and certifications
  • Bonuses paid for completing certifications
  • Health and Dental Insurance
  • Fitness reimbursement plan
  • Cell phone stipend
  • Ability to work from home 1-2 days per week
  • Company issued laptop that doesn’t suck
  • 401K after 6 months


To apply, please click here to send us a message!

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