Let’s Talk AWS

We work incredibly hard every day to deepen our AWS knowledge, but we work even harder to give that knowledge away.
Optimizing AWS Cloud Costs
We hear questions like this on a weekly basis from CIOs who are getting a dose of reality as they watch their AWS bill go up every month like Amazon ...
An AWS Cost Optimization Success Story
Promosis uses sweepstakes, skill contests, loyalty programs, instant-win games and more to help their clients establish, strengthen, and maintain a ...
Worried About Your AWS Security? Get To Know Some Best Practices
Scrolling through Instagram one Sunday afternoon, a meme popped up that hit Bill hard with a truth he'd been trying to avoid. 'Nothing kills a bad ...
A Privo Webinar: AWS Cost Optimization Strategies to Employ Now
DATE: MAY 22ND (WEDNESDAY) TIME: 12.30 - 1.30 PM EST CLICK HERE TO SAVE YOUR SEAT! Watch our webinar to learn how to optimize your AWS costs from the ...
Webinar: Cost Optimization Strategies on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Watch our webinar to learn how to optimize your AWS costs from the nerds themselves. Whether you have recently made the move to Amazon Web Services ...
A Privo Webinar: Integrating WorkSpaces with Active Directory
Extending your on-premise environment into AWS is easier than you think! Date: May 9th 2019 (Thursday) Time: 2 -3 PM EDT

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