3 Reasons to Consider an IT Project Consultant


Bringing on an IT project consultant isn’t the easiest decision to make. Often organizations work with limited budgets, so bringingin a consultant needs to be planned for months in advance. Or the in-house IT personnel might have some issues with bringing in outside help. The right IT project consultant can bring new expertise to a company and help with projects to improve IT operations which in turn helps optimize workflow for the internal IT department.

Here are 3 reasons to consider an IT project consultant for your next major IT job:

Your IT Department is Already Stretched a Little Thin

For many small and medium sized businesses working with limited resources, IT staff is rather small. Some companies only have a handful of IT technicians working full-time; whereas others may just one have one “IT guy” on staff for the whole company. In addition to daily demands of network monitoring, hardware maintenance, and of course the troubleshooting jobs that come along each day (a malfunctioning printer, a crashed desktop computer, etc.), there is often little time to plan ahead for major IT projects.

Bringing an IT project consultant on board should not be looked at as stepping on your IT guy’s toes. Instead, it should be viewed as an opportunity to help give our IT staff a little breathing room, as they are probably already stretched a little too thin. With an extra set of hands to help out, IT projects can be completed in a relatively quick amount of time to help improve IT efficiencies and streamline processes for the in-house IT staff members.

You Keep Pushing Back Critical Projects Due to Time Constraints

Do you have to upgrade your Windows Server? Or perhaps you want to move your Exchange server to the cloud. Or perhaps you simply want to replace all of the servers and workstations in the office with faster, more energy efficient units. All of these types of projects require an investment of both capital and time, and often times companies push aside these projects not because of the costs but because of the amount of time that would need to be spent on such an endeavor. IT project consultants can map out a strategy that will execute what you need with a detailed timeline of the project, so you can stop pushing off things that need to get done to better your internal IT operations.

You’re Looking for Something New

Perhaps your company is considering migrating from on-premise servers to a cloud environment. Cloud migrations are no easy task, can be time consuming, and are also difficult for those with little to know experience with cloud technologies. An IT project consultant can help find the right cloud solution that is the ideal fit for your company, and create a plan of action to execute the project smoothly, and in a timely fashion.

IT project consultants have a wealth of information, knowledge, and expertise at their disposal. Plus, when you hire a project consultant from an IT firm (as opposed to an independent contractor), you gain an entire knowledge base from the IT company. Bringing on an IT project consultant can mea giving your company access to new technologies and information that can improve your in-house IT processes and infrastructure.

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Nick Underwood

Nick Underwood has over 15 years of experience supporting IT infrastructures for businesses across a broad range of industries.


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