Is AWS More Secure Than On-Premise?

Ever since the mainstream adoption of cloud computing that happened over the course of the last decade, there has been a major debate over the security of the cloud. Many businesses have yet to make the move to the cloud for fear of having their personal information moved outside of the organization and into the cloud.

Some argue that on-premise is the most secure as your data stays within an organization, behind the company firewall.

Others say that the cloud is just as secure if not more secure than on-premise configurations. So who do you believe?

Well, believe it or not, the cloud built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform actually offers more security than a traditional on-premise server configuration. If you're researching a better solution to keep your critical business information safe (without losing a great end-user experience for your team), consider AWS. 

Here are the reasons why AWS can be more secure than on-premise computing:

Enterprise Encryption and Security at a Fraction of the Price

AWS security protectionOne of the biggest benefits of storing data in the cloud via AWS is the enterprise level of security protection and encryption that AWS provides. With an on-premise configuration, firewalls need to be installed, and encryption software needs to be installed, run and maintained.

This can add up to significant costs on top of the operating costs associated with running everything on-site. With the cloud on AWS, encryption and security protocols are built into the AWS infrastructure by default, and so the only thing you pay for is the computing time and/or the storage space used – while gaining encryption and security at no additional charge.

Third Party Monitoring and Maintenance

As Amazon is responsible for the safety and security of its clients’ data, they make sure to continuously monitor their cloud infrastructures for suspicious activity. Not only does Amazon keep an eye on your data but AWS offers tools and special features that allow subscribers to see exactly what is happening in their AWS environments.

Users can even set up alerts in AWS to notify them of any sort of activity that is outside of the “norm,” which can help to identify suspicious activity including attempts at gaining unauthorized access.

Secure, Direct Connections to the Cloud

AWS provides multiple options for moving data from on-premise to the cloud. Data transferred to the cloud is secured via TLS encryption for all AWS services. Users can utilize virtual private clouds which gives users complete control over their virtual networking environment including IP addresses, route tables, and network gateways.

Amazon also provides what is known as the AWS Snowball, a large, ultra-capacity external hard drive that allows users to transfer their data onsite via a hardwired connection and then have couriered to an Amazon data center where AWS staff securely transfer data from the Snowball to the cloud.

These connections are oftentimes more secure than in-house network connections.

Built for Compliance

PCI, HIPAA, SCO – AWS has got you covered. The AWS platform was developed with many governmental regulations and industry best practices in mind. Often your data is living on a cloud server that is already compliant with many different regulations.

Plus, AWS has tools and controls that maintain security and protect data stored in the cloud. All systems added and configured to the AWS infrastructure share the same compliance responsibilities. AWS offers simplified reporting tools to show regulators that data is in compliance.

You never have to worry about if your data adheres to specific guidelines for protection as Amazon deals with all of that for you.

If you're ready to see more demonstration of how AWS allows you to securely store and protect your sensitive data, let's talk. You're in the right place for cutting-edge, scalable, secure IT infrastructure. 

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