How The Cloud Can Help Your Business During the Holidays

slovenija-589588_640As we leave November and head into December, we are also heading right into a major holiday season in the United States. For many businesses, the holidays mean a lot of increased businesses as products and services get purchased en masse as gifts for loved ones. For other companies, the holidays are a time where productivity may be impacted as employees take vacation and personal time to spend the holidays with their families. From an IT perspective, the cloud provides solutions to many business challenges that are specific to the holiday season.

Here are 3 different ways cloud computing can benefit your business during the holiday season:


Many companies (especially those involved in commerce and e-commerce) experience significant spikes in both traffic and transactions during the holidays. On the IT side, this can mean needing additional bandwidth to accommodate for increased traffic as well as more storage space to store large amounts of new customer data in a database or CRM. With the cloud, businesses can scale up as needed. So instead of having to purchase additional hardware in expectation of increased business during the holidays or worse, having a system crash because it couldn’t handle the increased volume in activity - companies can scale at a moment’s notice to keep up with demand.

With 24/7 Monitoring, More Staff Can Take Vacation Time

One of the biggest IT challenges involving the holidays was making sure there were enough staff on-hand to monitor and maintain networks and servers throughout the holiday season. With Christmas and New Year’s being holidays that many prefer to spend at home, it often became difficult to schedule staff fairly to make sure the IT infrastructure was looked after while most of the office was home celebrating with their families.

With the cloud, businesses can relax knowing that their cloud service provider is looking after their cloud operations 24/7. Although some organizations may prefer to keep an IT staff member on-hand to ensure mission critical operations run as smoothly as possible while the office is empty, many businesses can head home to spend time with their loved ones, knowing their data and computing processes are being looked after by their cloud provider.

Cost Effective

As cloud computing operates under a “pay-as-you-go” model, you only have to pay for what you use. This allows companies to make smarter, more strategic IT budgets. Instead of overestimating what will be needed and buying equipment that goes unultized, or underestimating needs and then having to deal with unexpected costs to meet demands, the cloud offers an economical way for businesses to run their IT operations.

The holidays can be a strain on employee budgets, so having extra cash during the holidays is always appreciated. When businesses save on their operation costs, they often improve their profit margins. Better profits may mean better bonuses to say “Thank You” to the hard work their employees have put in over the past year.

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