Get to Know the AWS Well-Architected Framework

As Charles drove into work, he found himself worrying once again about his clumsy, dated cloud architecture. As CIO of a mid-size fintech firm, it was his primary task to make sure the company was running a high-performing and resilient cloud infrastructure.

He turned on the radio and smiled as one of his favorite Beatles songs came tumbling out of the speakers.

'Let it be, 
Let it be, 
Whisper words of wisdom 
Let it be.'

Even as he sang along, Charles knew that, in his case, that wasn't the solution. Letting it be would mean falling further behind. After a few years on the job, he finally understood the power and potential of AWS to transform his company. He was aware that best practices had changed considerably over the past few years and that, without a dedicated team of engineers, their cloud architecture had fallen behind.

What Charles needed was some fresh perspective on his cloud infrastructure, a few hours of solid consultation and a roadmap on how to manage his assets for future growth. That's exactly what the Amazon community calls a Well-Architected Review (WAR), and it's one of the secrets of success to a faster, cheaper and more rewarding Amazon cloud experience.

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Nick Underwood

Nick Underwood has over 15 years of experience supporting IT infrastructures for businesses across a broad range of industries.


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