Your First Task On A New AWS Project? Cost Optimization Strategy.

Cost optimization was not on Charlie Baker's radar when he got the job to migrate his company's IT resources to the AWS cloud. But as month end approached, he was getting nervous about the bill that would be arriving. He had no idea what to expect.  

The migration to the Amazon's cloud infrastructure had been surprisingly easy and quick, and it was gratifying to see employees embracing the systems he had put in place. He had worried endlessly about resistance to the new processes, but there had been almost none. In fact, usage had spiked sharply upwards and as a result, more AWS resources had been adopted and implemented, and 'Charlie's cloud thing', as his boss called it, had just kept on growing. 

But amidst all the approval, Charlie had lost control over what he has paying for and what AWS resources the company was using. 

Many of us have been in a similar situation. Companies begin to feel the benefits of migrating to the cloud, including what AWS itself lists as 'no up-front investments, flexible capacity, speed, agility, and innovation, focus on your business,  going global in minutes', but until your boss recognizes what a game-changer her new AWS configuration is,  your first job has to be cost optimization.

After all, that's what most people expect of cloud computing - that it's a cheaper way to run and to grow a business. Get that right first, and then you can expand. 

Follow a cost optimization strategy, implemented from Day 1, and you will reap the many advantages of cloud computing such as increased flexibility, scalability, performance and security, while reining in costs and sticking to the budget.


Jump-start Your AWS Cost Optimization Strategy

At Privo, we decided to take a long, hard look at what drives AWS costs up unexpectedly, and how you can manage those issues before they happen. We take into consideration key areas like on-demand rates, previous generation instances, badly configured server and unused resources....all problem areas that can suck up your budget if you're not careful. 

Watch Privo's short webinar on AWS Cost Optimization: 

Privo Managed Billing Webinar


If you're in charge of AWS strategy for your company and you can see that it's working, but you're worried about costs, then it's time to put a cost optimization strategy in place and regain confidence about what you are spending. 

Our AWS Cost Optimization approach covers:

  • Interactive charts and reports to understand exactly what you are running in AWS
  • Proactive cost alerts that will let you know when your costs are spiking
  • Detailed recommendations for purchasing Reserved Instances (RI)

and much, much more.

In fact, in a recent survey of customers, "Increased confidence and understanding" was the second most cited reason customers appreciate our AWS Managed Billing service--second only to "Saving cold, hard cash!" 

So if the prospect of a scary invoice from AWS is keeping you up at night, start working on a cost optimization strategy today that will transform the way you experience the power of AWS. 

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