3 Ways AWS Can Benefit Your Office

shutterstock_258334550-1Cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies do business. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is leading the way in providing companies with complete infrastructures as a service, giving businesses of all sizes access to powerful cloud computing and data storage options. Believe it or not, AWS can do more than just optimize the IT department. There are many fringe benefits that AWS can provide a company, well beyond serving just the IT support staff.

Here are three ways that Amazon Web Services can benefit your entire office:

Cost Efficiencies

IT departments love AWS for the cost saving opportunities. With off-premise computing, companies save on electricity and HVAC costs. They don’t have to budget for regular hardware upgrades and software updates. Plus with on-demand pricing, they only have to pay for what they use. In the long run, cloud computing can help businesses optimize their IT budgets. Saving money for the IT department can potentially mean investing money in other areas of the company.

If IT departments don’t have to allocate money for server maintenance and upgrades, they could possibly invest in new workstations for employees more regularly. Or, looking beyond technology, perhaps the office could use a new fridge, or even new cubicles. Saving money on technology costs can free up room in the budget to make improvements in multiple areas across the office.

Frees Up Space in the Office

In addition to saving on money for new items in the office, utilizing AWS and eliminating server racks can free up substantial room in an office. With traditional on-premise computing systems, an entire room is usually dedicated to hosting servers, network switches, and other computing peripherals. With AWS, hardware is consolidated significantly meaning the “server room” can be utilized for more than just hosting computing equipment. Office storage could be moved into the old server room, freeing up space in other areas of the office. More room in the office could mean more spacious work areas or room for an improved common area. Reducing hardware in the office

Remote Work Possibilities (For Happier Employees)

Because cloud computing is operated off-site, it inherently supports working remotely. With cloud platforms employees have the flexibility to work on projects, access files, and do what they need to do without having to physically be in the office. Having the flexibility to work from home can improve workplace culture. It allows employees to take work home if needed, or to continue work should circumstances such as weather or a power outage at the office keep staff away from their desks.

For the IT team specifically, it saves from having to make emergency trips into the office if a server starts to act up or the email system goes down. AWS makes managing entire IT infrastructures easier to do for IT staff in two ways. Amazon continuously monitors and maintains your infrastructure in the cloud, for over 99% guaranteed uptimes. Should something happen that does require user input, an IT manager can log on remotely to make changes or fixes as needed. So instead of having to drop plans during the off-hours, IT staff can manage their IT systems from wherever they are.

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Nick Underwood has over 15 years of experience supporting IT infrastructures for businesses across a broad range of industries.


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