Public Sector

We have broad experience with government agencies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and ed tech companies across North America. We bring a strong focus on security, compliance, reliability, and cost optimization to help public sector organizations tap into the transformational power of AWS.

Maintain Compliance
We build secure AWS infrastructure that not only meets your compliance requirements, but actually reduces the cost and effort required to maintain compliance.

Reduce Costs
We leverage modern infrastructure practices such as serverless computing and Auto Scaling to dramatically reduce operational expenses and allow organizations to do more.

Focus on your Mission
With resilient, self-healing infrastructure that does not require babysitting, you can focus on executing your mission, instead of worrying about servers and networking equipment.

Case Study – Invite Education

“The fact that we don’t have to worry about the infrastructure is the biggest thing for us. We need to keep our developers focused on developing new features, not worrying about whether the site will be available when we have a spike in traffic.”

– Tunde Agboola, Invite Education.

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Case Study – Idaho Department of Health & Welfare

The most remarkable thing about the migration to AWS is no one talks about the application performance any more!  We can focus instead on helping Idahoans live happier, healthier lives.

Maria Casiano, Program Director.

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