Who is Origlio Beverage

Origlio Beverage is a family owned and operated beer wholesaler founded in 1933 with locations in Philidelphia and Reading PA. Origlio services 9 counties between the 2 locations, and is one of the largest beer wholesales in PA.

The Challenge

Origlio Beverage struggling to troubleshoot and maintain aging hardware including servers, laptops and desktops. The majority of their end-users were also running Windows 7 which was nearing end-of-life and needed to be replaced. They were also up against an upcoming contract renewal with their local cloud provider and had to make a decision fast. These challenges were affecting the business due to long lead times of purchasing and setting up new equipment as well as large capital expenses, all which took time away from being strategic and forward-thinking by experimenting with new options that could benefit the company. 

The Solution

Privo migrated Origlio's entire IT infrastructure to new virtual private cloud running in AWS, and decommissioned their on-premise data center completely. The migration included several line of business servers running on Microsoft Windows Server such as Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Server, Application Servers and File Servers. Privo also migrated over 200 laptops and desktops to Amazon WorkSpaces using Zero Clients with near zero downtime in less than 1 month! 

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The Benefits

Reduced on-boarding time by 90%

By automating the employee on-boarding process and the provisioning of new hardware/software using Amazon WorkSpaces, Origlio was able to reduce the time it takes to on-board a new employee by 90%. 

Reduced Operational Costs by 20%

Origlio was able to reduce their operational costs by over 20% by migrating to AWS, leveraging AWS' economies of scale and flexible pricing options. 

Increased Speed and Agility

By migrating their infrastructure to AWS, they no longer needed to allocate resources to managing and maintaining aging hardware. Instead, they were able to spend their time experimenting with new services that would help differentiate their business. They could do this quickly with minimal costs without having to provision costly hardware. 

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With Windows 7 approaching end of life and our aging end-user equipment, we needed a solution. Amazon WorkSpaces allowed us to replace our entire fleet of laptops and desktops in a matter of weeks. Privo helped us reduce our on-boarding time by 90% and our overall operational costs by 20%. Not only are we seeing cost savings, our security profile has never been better. Encrypted, Scalable and Easily Managed. None of this was as straightforward and achievable until we moved to Amazon WorkSpaces

- Dan Mawn, Director of Information Technology at Origlio Beverage


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