We have been focused on cybersecurity since our founding.  In fact, we are SOC II Type 2 certified and we have a dedicated cybersecurity team to stay on top of the latest security threats and best practices.  Our optional AWS Managed Security service is designed for environments that need a high level of security oversight. Privo has partnered with Trend Micro, the market leader in AWS-focused security tools and services, to provide a deep, multi-layered approach to keep your infrastructure secure.  We combine their software with our cybersecurity experts to provide 24×7 security monitoring and incident response.

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Prevent Intrusions

Security groups and NACLs ensure that traffic flows on the ports you want. But you also need to know what’s inside network packets to stop attacks before they reach your applications. Our AWS Managed Security service provides full stack intrusion prevention (IPS) that examines each packet—making sure it’s the type of traffic you want and that there’s nothing malicious hidden inside.


Stop Advanced Threats

Attacks are getting more sophisticated. By using a combination of techniques, hackers can quickly move laterally through your infrastructure. To defend against such advanced threats you need layered security such as integrity monitoring, intrusion prevention, content filtering, and behavioral analysis.

trend-shieldProtect Unpatched Systems

Patching production workloads may seem archaic, but it’s a reality for legacy workloads. Even with blue/green deployments, we help to ensure that your workloads are protected from the latest vulnerabilities the pop up faster than you can patch them (e.g. Shellshock).  Our service shields unpatched systems, eliminating the need for “fire drill” patching.

trend-checklistAccelerate Compliance

Compliance with PCI DSS and other regulatory requirements isn’t a one-time activity, it’s continuous. But responding quickly to auditor or regulatory requests is difficult without a single view of security. With our AWS Managed Security service, you can accelerate compliance by using a single tool that meets most compliance requirements not covered by AWS.

Dedicated Cybersecurity Team

Anyone can throw some software on your instances and say they offer “Managed Security”.  But how many can say they have a dedicated cybersecurity team?  Several of our earliest customers came from industries with strict security requirements such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GLBA.  We were forced to hire a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts to be able to provide the expertise those clients needed.  It was painful at the time, but as it turned out, we’re glad we were forced to build that expertise early on because now all of our clients benefit from our cybersecurity team.  The team has a depth of knowledge about current threats, security best practices, and security solutions that helps us architect security into all of our designs.  In addition to AWS Managed Security, we also provide cybersecurity consulting services to our clients including:

  • Web Application Penetration Tests
  • Secure Code Reviews
  • Enterprise Risk Assessments
  • Social Engineering Tests
  • Security Awareness Training

vpneCase Study

“The support from Privo’s AWS team has really enabled us to focus on our core business without having to worry about the security and availability of our IT infrastructure.”

– Tao Wetzell, VPNE.

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