Our Managed DevOps service frees up your best people to focus on what’s strategic for your business. We handle 24×7 management of your infrastructure, and build in time every month for continuous modernization.

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More than Babysitting

Most managed services providers charge a premium to merely babysit your infrastructure. But the truth is, if your infrastructure is resilient and self-healing, it shouldn’t need much babysitting. We aim higher: striving to empower your team to wring every possible advantage out of the AWS platform.


Continuous Modernization

Our Managed DevOps service builds in time every month for continuous modernization. The less time we spend responding to alerts and resolving issues, the more time we allocate towards making steady improvements to the infrastructure–making it faster, cheaper, more resilient, and secure.


Trust is Everything

Even if your managed services provider was willing to do more than babysit, would you even trust them to? We earn your trust by assigning a small, talented team to your account. They learn your infrastructure inside and out, and implement changes according to your best practices.



Let us handle Pager Duty. We monitor your infrastructure 24×7 to ensure critical apps are fast and secure, so your team can focus on what’s important.


Gain Insights

We use the most powerful suite of monitoring and analysis tools available to pinpoint and resolve performance bottlenecks. Your infrastructure will be faster and more cost efficient.


Deploy Code Faster

We work with your developers on a daily basis–becoming part of the team–to help them deploy code faster and more often.


  • We offer 3 different plans to fit your specific needs–everything from a free plan that gives you a best-practice VPC, basic monitoring, and hourly access to our support team when needed, all the way up to full management of your infrastructure for a flat rate.
  • We don’t have a 23-page agreement written by evil genius lawyers that defines all of the technologies or issues we won’t touch.  Instead, we set aside a set number of hours every month–the bigger the infrastructure, the more hours we allocate–to fix whatever needs fixing.  If everything is running smoothly (as it should be!), we can use those hours to continuously modernize your infrastructure.
  • We fit ourselves into your team and adapt to your processes, not the other way around. We fill whatever role is most useful to your team–even if that role is just to give your team an occasional boost of knowledge and manpower.

How We Do IT

We assign a small team to your infrastructure and we learn it inside and out.  We document your infrastructure so well you might worry we actually enjoy documentation.  We adapt ourselves to your team and your processes, like any new–very solid, not weird–employee would.  If inheriting an existing infrastructure, we often spend more time during the first few months responding to alerts and fixing issues.  As time goes on, however, we work together to make the infrastructure more fault-tolerant and self-healing, and we naturally spend less and less time whacking moles, and more time adding real value by continuously improving the infrastructure.  If things are running particularly smoothly, we can even “roll over” unused hours for up to 90 days, saving up enough unused hours to accomplish something more significant such as implementing a completely new AWS service. Your team remains focused on innovation, and your infrastructure continuously evolves to be faster, cheaper, more resilient, and secure.


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