Being headquartered in Boston, we work with some of the most innovative companies in the world in the Life Sciences, Health Care, and Biotech industries.  We work with companies at every stage–from companies who are just 2 founders who spend most of their time in the lab, all the way up to publicly traded, multi-national corporations.  We help you meet your security compliance requirements (HIPAA, GxP, etc.), reduce infrastructure costs, improve operational efficiencies, and ultimately innovate faster.  We work hand-in-hand with your IT team, or directly with your scientists if you have no IT staff, to design and deploy flexible infrastructure solutions on AWS such as HPC clusters, batch pipelines, spot instance fleets, and more.
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Case Study – iSpecimen


“The support from Privo’s AWS team has really enabled iSpecimen to continue innovating, spending more of our time on product development and less time worrying about keeping the lights on.”

– Doug Williams, iSpecimen.

Case Study – H3 Biomedicine


“Working with Privo allowed us to accelerate a number of important AWS initiatives. Their experience with other life sciences firms has proven to be of great value to us.”

– Ed O’Connor, Director, Information Technology


You're ready and eager to start a migration to the cloud at your life sciences company. However, you know how important it is to get organization-wide buy-in in order to be successful.

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Reference Architecture

To give you a flavor of the sort of work we can do for clients, below is a reference architecture we created for a customer that needed to create a re-usable data processing pipeline for varied workloads from their scientists.  The architecture we created was cost-efficient, leveraging spot instances, highly automated, and flexible based on the individual requirements of the workload:

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