Extending your on-premise environment into AWS is easier than you think!

You've probably heard about Amazon WorkSpaces, but aren't quite sure how to get started. 

In this session, we'll show you how to connect your current environment to an AWS Virtual Private Cloud, extend active directory into this new environment, and launch WorkSpaces for your existing users with the credentials they're already using! This provides a seamless, low-cost way to get your users running in the cloud.

You'll walk away with:
  • Principles and architecture of hybrid on-prem/cloud environments
  • Steps that interested companies take to gradually move to AWS without disrupting their existing operations
  • An understanding of the AWS Directory Service and how to extend your on-premise AD into AWS using AD Connector
  • Knowledge of how to deploy WorkSpaces using AD Connector and the steps to get users started using WorkSpaces

We promise to keep the session conversational and leave plenty of time for questions pertaining to your specific use-case!

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Meet The Speaker:

Simon Kohnstamm Headshot

Simon Kohnstamm is a Sales Engineer at Privo.

Simon holds multiple AWS technical certifications and has been deeply involved in deploying WorkSpaces for customers large and small.

He has a rare gift for breaking down complex topics in ways anyone can understand quickly.

To make his office mates feel better about themselves, he balances his good looks, quick wit, and razor sharp intellect with some truly horrendous ping pong play.