Who is Goldfinch Bio

Goldfinch Bio is a venture backed, clinical stage bio technology company developing new therapeutics for kidney disease. Goldfinch is identifying new therapeutics to develop the best in class drugs using a precision medicine approach.

The Challenge

Goldfinch Bio was doing large scale genomic analysis using Hail that runs on Apache Spark and AWS EMR. They developed a solution using an early version of Hail that proved to be very brittle. It had problems running reliably and took a very long time to bootstrap. Due to the complexity and time it would take to launch new clusters, they were hesitant to destroy clusters. Existing clusters would run for a very long time causing them to fall behind on new Hail releases and miss out on new features they needed. Goldfinch would spend hours and sometimes days to get the solutions working properly with lots of failed clusters along the way which cost them time and money. 

The Solution

Privo built a new automated AMI pipeline using Hashi Corp's Packer. This new pipeline allowed Goldfinch to automate the installation of Hail along with all its dependencies.  This AMI was made available as a public resource so that they can launch a new cluster at any time without having to worry about Hail breaking.  


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The Benefits

Notebooks separate from clusters

Prior to adopting this new solution, when clusters were torn down they would lose code, work, and most importantly - time.  The new solution separates concerns and gives them the ability to now have clusters running independently of the notebooks. 

Reduced cluster deployment time

Existing clusters took over 45 minutes to bootstrap. With the new solution, the clusters launch in about 7 to 8 minutes.  Goldfinch is now much more willing to change cluster configurations, and launch clusters tailored to the compute job because they can be more agile with this new solution in place. 

Maintenance Free

With Privo owning the responsibility of maintaining the Hail AMI, Goldfinch can focus their time and effort on creating tailored clusters to their data scientists, and not have to worry about building and maintaining the complexities of Hail. 

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“Privo helped us get where we are with this solution and we couldn't have built this on our own. They were a great benefit to our business and we are excited to keep working with them”

- Adam Tebbe, Senior Director of IT and Informatics, Goldfinch Bio


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