WorkspacesEmpower your users with a Next-Generation Desktop Experience

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed Desktop-as-a-Service offering which runs in the AWS cloud, giving users a Windows 10 Desktop experience which is unparalleled in its performance, reliability, and security. Unlike remote desktop solutions of the past, WorkSpaces is extremely fast and smooth, and it offers support for high resolution, full frame rate graphics, multiple large displays and high definition audio.  This is not your father’s Remote Desktop! WorkSpaces are accessible from a wide range of devices (Windows, Macs, iPads, etc.) and, because the local device never stores any data from the remote desktop, it represents a big leap forward in terms of security.

Privo can help you migrate your desktops to Amazon WorkSpaces, and provide on-going 24×7 operational support.  We are one of the very few AWS Consulting Partners with deep experience helping customers evaluate, design, and deploy Amazon WorkSpaces.

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worklink Access  Applications Securely from Mobile Devices

Amazon WorkLink gives you the ability to make your sensitive web applications available to users on their mobile devices, without the hassle and expense of Mobile Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions.  

Privo was among just a small handful of AWS Consulting Partners that participated in the development of Amazon WorkLink. We have the experience to help you plan, design, and deploy Amazon WorkLink today--with minimal disruption to your users or IT staff.  

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Appstream2Deliver Applications to Anyone, Anywhere

With AppStream 2.0, you can deliver traditional Windows applications to your end-users  without requiring them to install anything–all they need is a web browser.  Remarkably, when accessing AppSteam 2.0 published apps through a web browser, it’s hard to tell you not are using the application locally because it looks and feels almost identically to the real thing.   On the back end, a fleet of servers dynamically scales up and down based on the number of users.

Privo can help you deliver your applications with AppStream 2.0 using a best-practice approach that optimizes performance, scalability, and cost efficiency.

Servicedesk24×7 Service Desk

We are one of the few AWS Consulting Partners that offers a 24×7 Service Desk for end users.  Unlike traditional Managed Services Providers who are more familiar with on-premise IT infrastructure (VMWare, etc.), we are in-the-weeds AWS infrastructure experts.  In fact, 100% of our clients host their infrastructure on AWS which affords us the luxury of focusing our expertise on AWS, so we can offer you a depth of knowledge that would be hard to find elsewhere.

Our Service Desk feels like your internal IT Department, but without the SNL-skit-worthy IT stereotypes.  We staff our Service Desk with nice, smart people who know a lot about AWS technologies such as WorkSpaces and Appstream 2.0, but also things like Windows, Office 365, G-Suite, Macs, mobile phones, etc.  They are easy to talk to, friendly, and ridiculously competent.  In addition, we also assign each client a Technical Account Manager that provides a layer of strategic management, planning, and oversight, so you and your people can focus on what you do best.

Revenue River

Case Study – Revenue River

Read how Privo helped Revenue River migrate to AWS with zero downtime and how they were able to improve response time, performance as well as keep costs under control while being able to support a company growth rate of over 61%.

Johnson Lambert

Case Study – Johnson Lambert

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