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Which clients are a good fit for Privo?

  • Boston Area clients are a no-brainer.  We drive out to meet them, bring them Dunkin’ Donuts, let them see how wicked smaaaaart we are, and it’s game over!
  • Even clients in surrounding states are just a quick drive away: NH, CT, RI, VT, and ME
  • Clients looking for on-going managed services
    • We have very flexible support options.  We can give clients exactly the support they need. Even if they have an in-house IT team, we can augment that team so they can focus on more strategic issues such as software development.
    • We have a “Small-team Approach” which means we divide our Solutions Architects into teams of 3-4.  Clients love it!  It feels like they have a dedicated team.
  • Start-ups are fine!  Especially if they have plans to build a scalable application.  We help them architect it correctly from the beginning.  And we try to keep our fees to a minimum until they are generating revenue.
  • Clients with security concerns.  (e.g. financial firms, healthcare…)  We have a dedicated cyber security team and we offer 24×7 Managed Security.

What AWS services do we have expertise in?

  • Compute
    • EC2
    • Elastic Beanstalk
    • Lambda
    • Auto-scaling
  • Storage
    • EBS
    • S3
    • Glacier
    • Storage Gateway
    • EFS
    • Snowball
  • Database
    • RDS
    • DynamoDB
    • Aurora
    • ElastiCache
    • RedShift
  • Networking
    • ELB
    • VPC
    • Direct Connect
    • Route 53
    • CloudFront
    • etc.
  • Other
    • EMR
    • Workspaces
    • WorkMail
    • IoT
    • CodeCommit, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy
    • etc.

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