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Johnson Lambert LLP is a niche-focused public accounting firm, focused on serving distinct industry niches. For over 30 years, we have focused on providing audit, tax, and advisory services to a national and selectively international client base including insurance entities, nonprofit organizations, and ERISA-qualified benefit plans. For more information about Johnson Lambert LLP, please visit Johnson Lambert.com
The Challenge
Johnson Lambert was struggling with a Citrix XenDesktop solution that was inconsistent, slow, and difficult to manage. On top of these challenges, the firm required enterprise-grade security for their desktops to comply with the compliance requirements mandated by their financial services clients. Finally, the migration from the current system had to be seamless as they couldn’t afford any downtime for their distributed workforce.
The Solution
Privo migrated Johnson Lambert to a secure VPC with Amazon WorkSpaces. Privo’s solution leveraged a full stack of security solutions including encryption at rest and in transit, endpoint security, Single Sign-On, and 2-Factor Authentication. Privo configured redundant Active Directory servers and authenticated WorkSpaces users through AD Connector. Shared files and folders are served from Windows Server 2016 on EC2. Users can connect to their secure WorkSpace from anywhere, including Chromebooks, PCs, and Zero Clients.

The Benefits


Johnson Lambert can confidently assert to clients they have implemented enterprisegrade security to protect their sensitive financial information. Encryption at rest and in transit, 2-Factor Authentication, Single Sign-On, and Cloud-based Endpoint Security are just some of the security solutions employed to protect WorkSpaces.

Ease of Management

WorkSpaces is extremely easy to manage. Working with Privo, Johnson Lambert can maintain just a few “Golden Images” that contain the necessary applications for each work role. Furthermore, the WorkSpaces clients and Chromebooks automatically update, and Zero Clients have no operating system to patch or update whatsoever.

Better Decision through Data

Locating cloud desktops and back office servers in AWS makes it easy to leverage more advanced AWS service for analytics, machine learning, big data, and more. Johnson Lambert will aggressively pursue making data driven decisions faster and more accurately using these additional, powerful AWS services now at their fingertips.

“Privo has been great to deal with from the start. Effective communication and project management have been key to the success of getting our project off the ground.”

- David Fuge, CIO, Johnson Lambert


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Privo is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner with offices near Boston and San Francisco that helps organizations migrate, optimize, monitor and manage Amazon WorkSpaces, AppStream 2.0, and other AWS services that support end users and their access to back office IT infrastructure.


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