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We work with customers of all shapes and sizes, across a broad range of industry sectors. We work with customers blessed with talented, capable technical teams and others that have no technical team at all. What all of our wonderful customers have in common is a desire to leverage the awesome power of AWS to transform their business.
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Build a Foundation

Anyone with a credit card can open an AWS account and spin up a VPC in a matter of minutes. But will it scale? Will it be secure? Resilient? Without careful planning, many first VPCs have to be razed and re-done. Be nice to “Future You” and do it right the first time. We have spent years honing our Infrastructure-as-Code templates that underpin our VPCs. We freely give them away to any new customer, so you can build your business on a rock-solid foundation that you’ll never outgrow.

Take a Shortcut

Most of our customers who are contemplating an AWS project have never done that particular project before. No matter how much you research and plan, you can’t hope to do it perfectly the first time. Mistakes cost money, but more importantly they cost you time. It’s not cheating—even though we are giving you the answers to the test—it’s simply the quickest path to a best-practice setup in AWS.

Level Up your Team

When you complete a project with Privo, we take the time to show your team how we built what we built and why. Our founding idea is to liberate our customers, so knowledge transfer is a key part of any project we do. Your team will get first-hand exposure to AWS best practices and ample time to ask questions to ensure they feel comfortable piloting the rocket ship we built. Engaging Privo for your project is the best training money can buy.

How we rock projects
  • We assign a project manager who ensures everyone is communicating effectively, and the project stays on track.
  • We invite your team to our web-based project management portal (we use Teamwork), so you can share progress on your assigned tasks, and track our progress in real-time.
  • We’re open to course corrections.  We learn a tremendous amount in the first few days and weeks of a project that often changes our thinking about the best way to complete a project.  We embrace those changes rather than rigidly sticking to the first plan.
  • We don’t overcharge because we’re not a project factory.  Over 95% of our clients engage us for managed services or future projects, so we always start with a long-term relationship in mind.  For smaller projects, we can sometimes even do them for free if we’ll be managing the infrastructure going forward.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

We had a tight timeline for this project and Privo came through. They had the infrastructure experience we were looking for, and they surprised us with their depth of knowledge around HIPAA and our security compliance requirements.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our new infrastructure. Having Privo manage the infrastructure month to month, allows us to focus on developing new features for our application.

Javier Ferrer, Data Analyst
Coastal Care Services

In our business, web traffic can increase by a factor of a hundred overnight. Instead of over-provisioning resources like we did in the past, our setup automatically spawns new servers to meet demand. When the demand recedes, the number of servers goes down as well. It delivers tremendous performance and it’s very cost effective.

Privo has been a tremendous partner throughout this process!

Peter Barnet, CEO

It was a great experience. In fact, I had initially reached out to Privo several months earlier and they followed up with me at just the right time.

I felt like they listened to our needs and worked very hard to design a plan that met our needs and budget. In fact, I have always felt like a very valued client despite being a small, growing business. 

Chad Smith, Partner
Stonewall Analytics

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