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For select customers introduced through our partnership with AWS, we offer the following free services to get you acquainted with the value of engaging a partner that is 100% focused on AWS. We strongly believe we can help you get more out of AWS by leveraging our expertise for AWS infrastructure design and management, so you can focus on what’s truly strategic for your business.

Architecture Review – A review of your AWS infrastructure and relevant AWS best practices with a Sr. Solutions Architect (up to 2 hrs).  We start by asking you to grant us read-only access to your environment and then we run an automated review of AWS best practices.  While on the phone, we talk through what we see and discuss some of the reasons behind your design decisions.  The goal is to assess your overall architecture and give you some advice for areas to improve.

Cost Optimization – A comprehensive report showing you unused resources, instances that are unnecessarily oversized, and Reserved Instance recommendations.  The report is actionable–that is, you can use it as a checklist for reducing your AWS spend immediately.

Deep Dives – Q&A with a subject-matter expert on various AWS services such as CodeDeploy, CloudFormation, ECS, ALB, RDS, and more (up to 2 hrs).  You can dive deep and discuss the specific issues you’ve had deploying a particular AWS service.  If we don’t know the answer to your question right away, we’ll research it and get back to you.  This is a great opportunity for us to share our knowledge, and learn where customers are bumping up against limitations!

VPC Setup – We will discuss what you are trying to accomplish on AWS and build out a VPC for you using our best-practice CloudFormation templates which will be yours to keep. Get your infrastructure up and running quickly with a solid foundation to build on.  For the sake of efficiency, we require enrollment in our AWS Managed Billing service (which is free).

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