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Privo Overview

  • Advanced Consulting Partner headquartered in Boston, with another office in San Francisco
  • Founded just over 2 years ago, but we’re growing fast–we have approximately 40 people, the vast majority of which hold multiple AWS certifications
  • Services:  we architect, migrate, manage, optimize, and secure AWS infrastructure for our customers
  • Key Verticals:  Life Sciences, Health Care, Financial Services, SaaS/E-Commerce (though we have clients from all industries at this point!)
  • We are well-known for handling smaller AWS customers.  We have invested thousands of hours in automation to help customers build out best-practice VPCs and launch in a matter of hours or days.  We typically like to give small customers a SOW within 1 hour of our initial call.  Go Small or Go Home!
  • 95% of our clients rely on us for on-going management of their infrastructure and DevOps automation
  • We are SOC II Type 2 certified and we have a dedicated cybersecurity team that helps our customers meet their compliance requirements (HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, etc.).  We provide security services such as penetration tests and 24×7 Managed Security
  • We love WorkSpaces and AppStream 2.0 and we have a full End-User Computer (EUC) practice with a 24×7 Service Desk

Best Ways to Reach Us

  • The best way to submit leads is to use our form.  There is a lot of nice automation built into that form that makes sure the lead doesn’t fall through the cracks.
  • Email
  • Call 617.390.7501
  • Chime – we have a few Chime “Rooms” set up for various sales teams

Battle Card

Simple Monthly Calculator Templates

  • Back Office Template
    • 2x Active Directory
    • Application Server
    • OpenVPN Server (for remote employees)
    • Remote Desktop Services
    • EBS Volumes
      • Operating System volumes
      • Data
    • RDS – Microsoft SQL Server (Standard) – 2AZ
    • 2x NAT Gateway
    • Site-to-Site VPN
    • Business Support


  • Scalable Web App
    • 2x Linux web servers
    • OpenVPN server (for developers/administrators to connect securely)
    • 50GB S3 for static assets
    • CloudFront
    • Aurora (MySQL)
    • 2x ElastiCache (Redis) – for session data
    • 2x NAT Gateway (so web servers can send the requests back to the end user)
    • Business Support

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