Keeping your Amazon WorkSpaces (AWS) infrastructure in line can be exhausting, specially as new features and services are released on a weekly basis. 

Our cloud migration solutions program, otherwise known as the 'Well-Architected Framework' (sounds fancy, right?) provides a structured way of evaluating your computing system -- whether or not you are already in AWS.

As a launch partner of this program, our certified solutions architects (aka nerds) will give you a full run-down of how you can use it to continuously modernize your AWS infrastructure.

Why join?

We will walk through an example report so you can see first hand the types of recommendations that are typically uncovered.

5 Reasons You Might Want a Cloud Migration Solution:

  • To prepare your production infrastructure to scale
  • To tighten security controls ahead of an audit
  • To reduce your AWS bill, or do more with your current budget
  • To modernize your existing AWS environment
  • To get an independent assessment of your infrastructure

Learn about design principles to build cloud-native architectures, understand and mitigate risk, and make informed decisions about the future of your AWS environment.

We promise to keep the session conversational and leave plenty of time for questions pertaining to your specific use-case!


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The Speaker


Dominic Brown is a Sales Engineer at Privo.
Despite his baby face, Dominic holds multiple AWS Technical certifications and leads the Well-Architected Review program at Privo. 
Dominic has facilitated dozens of Well-Architected Reviews and is anxious to share the benefits of this incredible AWS program!