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Thank you!  You should receive an email confirmation shortly. If you don’t let us know or hit us up on Chime.

What’s happens next? 
Someone from Privo will assign the opportunity to the Privo Sales Engineer best suited to help the customer based on the technologies involved.  Our sales team is very technical and we specialize in particular AWS services and workloads so we can go deep into the weeds on that first intro call.  Customers seem to respond well to our technical sales approach. Assigning the opp usually happens within an hour or two if we receive it during business hours (9am-ish to 6pm-ish Eastern time). If we receive it later in the evening or on the weekend, it can sometimes take until the next morning to get it assigned.  Once assigned, the customer will receive an email inviting them to schedule an intro call via Calendly.  You will be CC’ed on this email.  (Of course, if you indicated in the form that you didn’t want us to send the intro email, no such email will be sent.)

We will send you updates weekly as things develop.  You can always email to see the latest status. Thanks again!


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