AWS Optimization Report

AWS Optimization Report

Do you wonder if your AWS infrastructure setup could be improved? Let us review run our AWS optimization tool against your AWS environment to find ways to save money, tighten security, and improve performance. The cost is only $400 which, for most environments, pays for itself in a matter of months.



Save Money

Actionable insights pinpoint wasted resources, provide resource re-sizing recommendations, and plan Reserved Instance (RI) purchases to ensure no dollar is being wasted.




Tighten Security

Analysis of publicly accessible objects, network ACL rules, subnets, gateways, DHCP option sets and more to instantly identify where you are exposed and how to fix it.




Improve Performance

400+ Best Practices checks continuously monitor AWS to identify idle and underutilized resources, unused reserved resources, EC2 Reserved Instance mismatches and more.

How It Works

The process is simple:

  1. We have a quick call* to discuss your environment and any questions you might have (optional).
  2. We send you instructions for creating an IAM role to enable our tool to collect the information
  3. We send you an invoice for $400 and take your payment
  4. We send you the report!
  5. We have a quick call to review the recommendations (optional).
* – No one from sales is ever invited. In truth, we don’t employ any sales people! The call is with an AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

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