AWS Managed Billing

Our AWS Managed Billing service instantly lowers your AWS bill by giving you access to lower rates on key AWS services. By leveraging our powerful cost management and account optimization tools, you can proactively manage your AWS costs to achieve even greater savings and control.

Get Lower Rates
By leveraging the combined usage of all of our clients, we give you instant access to lower rates on services that have tiered pricing discounts such as CloudFront, S3, Data Transfer, Support, and more.

Trim the Fat
See unused resources that could be trimmed from your bill (such as unattached EBS volumes), servers that are over-sized, and detailed recommendations for purchasing Reserved Instances (RI).


Ask an Expert
All of our tools are self-service and available 24×7, but sometimes it’s nice to ask an expert. We provide free access to our team of AWS Billing PhD’s to help you navigate your bill, use our cost optimization portal, and purchase RI’s.

Stop Spending Spikes
Don’t wait until you get your next bill to learn your spending has changed dramatically. Set up proactive cost alerts so you can be alerted the first day there is a spike in your spending.

Understand your Bill
Use our interactive charts and reports to understand exactly what you have running in AWS, how much it is costing you, which projects or departments are consuming the most resources, and how your usage is trending over time.


Monitor Best Practices
As an added bonus, we show you the current status of over 500 best practices for your account that we check on a daily basis. The best practices are broken down into the following categories: Security, Cost, Availability, Usage, and AWS Trusted Advisor.

  • Monitor Trends
    Monitor Trends
  • Monitor Best Practices
    Monitor Best Practices
  • Trim unused resources
    Trim unused resources
  • Set up Cost Alerts
    Set up Cost Alerts
  • Understand Your Bill
    Understand Your Bill

Frequently Asked Questions


Before we answer this question, it's important to highlight one change that will NOT occur.  Your account will not become a Privo account and you will not lose control of your account.  If you currently have the root credentials, you will continue to maintain those credentials and the account will remain in your name, under you control. There are a few important changes, however:
  • Your AWS hosting invoice will come from Privo, not AWS.  Joining our AWS Managed Billing service triggers an accounting change in AWS, joining you to our consolidated bill which includes the combined usage of all of our customers.  It's like joining a buyers club.  This allows all customers using the service to enjoy lower rates on tiered services such as S3, Data Transfer, CloudFront, and Support.
  • Your Account will be Upgraded to Business Premium Support.  All customers that join the AWS Managed Billing service are automatically upgraded to Business Premium Support.  With the combined volume of our many customers using this service, we have now achieved the highest discount tier for Business Premium Support--3%--which is the rate we pass on to new customers.  If you previously did not have access to AWS Support, you will get access to this incredible resource at a deep discount. If you previously paid for Developer Support, you will get a free upgrade to Business Premium Support.  If you previously paid for Business Premium Support on your own, you will enjoy a significant reduction in your AWS Support costs.
  • Your AWS account will join the Privo "Organization".  Consolidated billing is a feature of AWS "Organizations" which can be found in your AWS console.  While there are other account changes that can be implemented via Organizations (using "Service Control Policies (SCPs)"), the Privo Organization does not implement any changes and never will.
  • The "Bills" and "Cost Explorer" sections of the AWS console will be replaced with the CloudCheckr cost management portal.  As part of this service, Privo provides free access to the CloudCheckr cost management portal, replacing the limited functionality of the "Bills" and "Cost Explorer" sections of your AWS console.  CloudCheckr is an incredibly powerful cost management system and it is one of the primary benefits of this service.
Crazy easy.  Simply log in to your AWS Console, click “Organizations” and click the button to leave the Privo Organization.  That’s it!
Joining multiple accounts together to enjoy lower rates on tiered services (i.e. consolidated billing) is a feature of AWS "Organizations". You can find "Organizations" in your AWS console. While there are several potential changes to your AWS account which could be implemented through Organizations using Service Control Policies (SCPs), Privo does not implement any such policies and never will. We use Organizations only to enable consolidated billing.
AWS offers tiered discounts for S3, Data Transfer, Cloud Front, RI costs, and Support. Taking S3 as an example, our combined usage for all customers in the AWS Managed Billing program (depending on the region) qualifies us for the highest discount tier. When Privo calculates your S3 bill, you are charged a blended rate (basically a weighted average of our total S3 rates) that continues to decrease as more and more customers join the program (i.e. as more usage is charged at the very lowest rate, the blended rate goes down). As you can see from the table below the discounts can be quite significant:

S3 Pricing Example

Yes. Sometimes it can feel like you need a PhD in RI Studies from AWS University to understand all of the available RI options! Fortunately, the included CloudCheckr cost management portal analyzes your Detailed Billing Report (DBR) and provides the best RI purchase recommendations based on your usage, complete with a calculated Return on Investment (ROI). You can then purchase the recommended RI's from your AWS console. If you have questions, our friendly RI PhD's are here to help!
No.  It’s the opposite.  You are charged for your exact usage, but at lower, blended rates for services with tiered discounts.  Marking up your AWS hosting invoice, in addition to being extremely sleazy, would be a violation of our AWS Channel Reseller Agreement.
No one actually asks us this question, but we know you're thinking it!  The answer is yes, we do.  However, wonderfully, this money does NOT come out of your pocket.  AWS offers incentives to Channel Resellers which offset our costs for offering the service.  Additionally, Privo buys and sells Reserved Instances (RIs) for workloads not covered by customer RIs.  These workload are primarily dynamic workloads which would not be economical for individual customers to cover with RIs, but when considered in aggregate, they become stable enough to make additional RI purchases worthwhile.   Put another way, while it may be possible for an individual customers to cover 75% of their workloads with RIs, Privo can cover an additional 5% without suffering the ill effects of unmatched RIs.
No.  To join this service we must have a high-level view of your AWS in terms of your inventor and consumption, but that in no way grants us any access to any specific resources or data.

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