Proactively Manage Your AWS Costs

Our AWS Managed Billing service instantly lowers your AWS bill by giving you access to lower rates on key AWS services.

By leveraging our powerful cost management and account optimization tools, you can proactively manage your AWS costs to achieve even greater savings and control.

  • Get lower rates: instant access to tiered pricing discounts
  • Trim the fat: be rid of unused resources
  • Ask an expert: get access to our team of AWS Billing PhD's
  • Stop spending spikes: get alerted as soon as spike occurs
  • Understand your bill: leverage our interactive charts and reports
  • Monitor best practices: think Security, Cost, Availability, Usage, and AWS Trusted Advisor

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

We had a tight timeline for this project and Privo came through. They had the infrastructure experience we were looking for, and they surprised us with their depth of knowledge around HIPAA and our security compliance requirements.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our new infrastructure. Having Privo manage the infrastructure month to month, allows us to focus on developing new features for our application.

Javier Ferrer, Data Analyst
Coastal Care Services

In our business, web traffic can increase by a factor of a hundred overnight. Instead of over-provisioning resources like we did in the past, our setup automatically spawns new servers to meet demand. When the demand recedes, the number of servers goes down as well. It delivers tremendous performance and it’s very cost effective.

Privo has been a tremendous partner throughout this process!

Peter Barnet, CEO

It was a great experience. In fact, I had initially reached out to Privo several months earlier and they followed up with me at just the right time.

I felt like they listened to our needs and worked very hard to design a plan that met our needs and budget. In fact, I have always felt like a very valued client despite being a small, growing business. 

Chad Smith, Partner
Stonewall Analytics