Our team of AWS experts can offer an independent assessment of your AWS infrastructure, show you where you deviate from best practices, and help you chart a course to a more faster, cheaper, and better infrastructure.

Get Well Architected.

Privo was among a handful of AWS Consulting Partners chosen to be launch partners for the AWS Well-Architected program, which was developed by AWS to help customers build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient cloud infrastructures. Privo engineers went through extensive training to ensure our recommendations align with AWS best practices for building, modern cloud-native architectures.

How It Works.

When you engage Privo for a Well-Architected Review, one of our Senior Solutions Architects dives in to assess your infrastructure, learn about your business and team, and provides guidance on your future plans. We focus on the 5 “Pillars” of the Well-Architected Framework--Reliability, Cost Optimization, Performance Efficiency, Operational Excellence, and Security--and give you a report that shows how your infrastructure deviates from best practices in these areas.

What makes our reviews unique is we also include 10 hours of consulting to begin work on remediating our findings. At the very least we take care of the low hanging fruit. If there is more extensive work to be done, we lay out a plan for how we to get you all the way to where you want to be. The best part is the cost of the review is entirely offset by AWS hosting credits provided by AWS!


Cost Optimization

Performance Efficiency

Operational Excellence


5 Reasons You Might Want a Well-Architected Review

To get an independent assessment of your infrastructure

To plan a migration or prepare your infrastructure to scale

To tighten security controls ahead of an audit

To reduce your AWS bill, or do more with your current budget

To modernize your existing AWS environment


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