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Privo – to liberate
|verb (Latin) · \ˈprē-vō\ |

Privo is an AWS consulting firm with offices near Boston and San Francisco. We have about 40-ish people, all AWS engineers save for a brave few. There are a few things that make us different (highlighted below), but it boils down to this: we work incredibly hard every day to deepen our AWS knowledge, but we work even harder to give that knowledge away.

Our depth-of-knowledge is a result of our singular focus on AWS and the caliber of people we insist on hiring–smart, curious, never satisfied. But hoarding knowledge is not a business model. Most of our clients choose AWS because they are builders; they want to be empowered. We would want the same. That’s why we make knowledge transfer a priority, so your team understands how and why we built your AWS infrastructure the way we did. Sometimes we work ourselves out of a job. More often, however, our customers keep coming to us with new, world-beating ideas and they trust us to help make those ideas a reality.

Undiluted Talent
Every company says their people are the best. We know: blah, blah, blah! But hear us out. We have no patents, no capital assets, no secret recipes–all we have is our people and our culture. So, we put more blood, sweat and tears into hiring than anything else we do. It’s absurdly difficult to find what we are looking for: people who are disconcertingly smart, but also easy to work with (i.e. genuinely helpful, self-motivated, and never butthurt) and easy to understand (i.e. they speak, write, and think clearly). Customers don’t hire us because they want a team of slightly above average people building their AWS infrastructure; they want the best, so we hire the best.

Go Small or Go Home

We’ve grown a lot in the last few years, but we will always have a small feel. We divide our engineers into small teams and assign each team just a handful of customers. This allows our people to become intimately familiar with the customers (and the infrastructure) they support and very quickly become a seamless extension of your team. Furthermore, no matter how big we grow, small customers will always be welcome at Privo. Other successful AWS partners quickly turn into whale-hunters, chasing logos like they are starting a NASCAR team. Not us. We have built our business by catering to the needs of small- and mid-size organizations. We love the velocity and impact we can achieve with smaller customers. We work really hard to drive down our initial project costs–free in many cases–so smaller customers can enjoy the awesome power of AWS.

Our “salespeople” are AWS Certified Solutions Architects–all of them. In fact, we call them Sales Engineers to emphasize the point. Our customers prefer to skip our sales pitch and just get down to the technical bits right away. After our first call, we can usually get you a detailed proposal with pricing within 24 hours. If you’re not quite ready to engage, you can self-pace the sales process without fear of being stalked.

Automation Freaks
We have a relentless, almost maniacal commitment to automation.  It’s not the time savings we’re chasing; it’s the consistency.  By encoding our best practices into automated processes we ensure we always deliver the best infrastructure we know how to build.  We’re never done learning, so our automated processes never stop getting better.

Security Focused
The overwhelming majority of our customers are in industries where security and compliance are paramount. We are one of the few AWS Consulting Partners in the US to achieve the SOC 2 Type II certification.  We bake security into everything we do, from the secure VPCs we build to the way we continuously modernize your infrastructure to improve security.

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