We are the rare triple threat

Extremely capable, easy to work with, and committed to our craft.

Meet Our Team

Privo, A Navisite Company, is an AWS consulting firm with offices near Boston and San Francisco. We have about 60-ish people, all AWS engineers save for a brave few.

Here are a few things that make us different (highlighted below), but it boils down to this: we have built a culture that attracts and retains people who are unusually smart and easy to work with. This allows our people to quickly become a trusted, seamless extension of your team. What can you build with a small team of smart people that work well together?  Whatever you can imagine.


Our “salespeople” are AWS Certified Solutions Architects–all of them. In fact, we call them Sales Engineers to emphasize the point. Our customers prefer to skip our sales pitch and just get down to the technical bits right away. After our first call, we can usually get you a detailed proposal with pricing within 24 hours. If you’re not quite ready to engage, you can self-pace the sales process without fear of being stalked.


We have a relentless, almost maniacal commitment to automation. It’s not the time savings we’re chasing; it’s the consistency. By encoding our best practices into automated processes we ensure we always deliver the best infrastructure we know how to build. We’re never done learning, so our automated processes never stop getting better.

The overwhelming majority of our customers are in industries where security and compliance are paramount. We are one of the few AWS Consulting Partners in the US to achieve the SOC 2 Type II certification. We bake security into everything we do, from the secure VPCs we build to the way we continuously modernize your infrastructure to improve security.

We divide our solutions architects into small teams and assign each team just a handful of clients. This allows our people to become intimately familiar with the clients they support so you don’t have to re-explain who you are and how your infrastructure is set up every time you call.  It makes it feel like we’re just a part of your in-house team. Our teams can pull in subject matter experts as needed, but you will primarily interface with the same few people.


We are known for our depth-of-knowledge on AWS, which is a result of our singular focus on AWS and the caliber of people we insist on hiring–smart, curious, never satisfied. Crucially, we don’t hoard our knowledge. Most of our clients choose AWS because they are builders; they want to be empowered. We would want the same. That’s why we make knowledge transfer a priority, so your team understands how and why we built your AWS infrastructure the way we did. Sometimes we work ourselves out of a job. More often, however, our customers keep coming to us with new, world-beating ideas and they trust us to help make those ideas a reality.

Our Culture

When we strip down our business to what actually matters, all that remains is our culture. We have no patents, no secret sauce, and no assets to speak of. Execution matters, and we work tirelessly on improving our processes, but everything we do is planted in the soil of our culture, and either thrives or withers because of it. As a consulting business, we are fundamentally in the business of forming relationships with our customers, partners, and co-workers. People want to do work with people they like and trust. A great culture attracts and retains likable and trustworthy people who in turn attract other like-minded people, creating an upward, virtuous cycle.

Privo Culture Video

Join Our Team

Come find out why people leave perfectly good jobs at other companies to come to work with us.  Privo attracts people who thrive on being challenged but also want to be part of a team that is friendly, collaborative, and supportive. A real estate agent trying to sell you on this place would describe the pace as "exhilarating" but the truth is it can be a little intense at times. We work with some of the most innovative, fastest-moving companies in the world, and we find ourselves at the center of the action as the tectonic shift to the public cloud continues to play out. The pace here is more MotoGP than Vespa, (in other words, don't forget your helmet) but we promise you’ll never get bored, you’ll never be micro-managed, and the Privo team will always have your back. We also have a sense of humor which goes a long, long way. 

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Hear It From Our Employees

Three words that come to mind when I think about how I feel in my role at Privo: empowered, valued, and exhilarated. Working here has been one of the best experiences of my life. I feel honored to be a part of this team, am exceptionally proud of the work we are doing, and am in a constant state of excitement about the future of this organization.


Caitlin Koury
Director of Human Resources

I’ve never considered myself to be the archetypal salesman. Sales rhetoric makes me cringe and cold calling evokes a memory of my mom tearing some poor telemarketer to shreds on the phone growing up. I’m a listener - that’s what I do best. Working at Privo, I get to listen to thousands of people that are trying to solve a problem with technology and help them to find the right answer.  In a tech-sales landscape that is dominated by high-pressure sales plays, it’s really refreshing to be judged less on hitting a quota and more on how helpful you are.

Dominic Brown
Sales Engineer
The team at Privo is made up of some of the best and brightest in the industry today.  There's no problem too big to tackle.  But more importantly, there's no problem too small.  The team itself is so close knit and supportive, no one is afraid to get down in the weeds when someone else needs help.  It truly is a family.  Whether it's getting through a busy day of tickets, trying to design a complicated architecture, filling up the coffee maker, or grabbing drinks after work, I come in everyday knowing that I have the full force of Privo behind me wherever I go, and together we can do anything!
Jack O'Brien
DevOps Team Lead
One of my favorite things about Privo is that no matter your experience level, your voice is heard and considered when making business decisions.  

If you're a fan of Rick and Morty, you'll fit right in; if not, mention anything from the 90s or the early 2000's, and you'll be the most popular one in the company.
Sujaiy Shivakumar
Solutions Architect
Privo is fundamentally about people--co-workers, clients, our clients' clients, our vendor partners, or even that obscure third party IT team we have to work with to make something work. We can build AWS infrastructure all day long and late into the night, but in the end that infrastructure serves people. Privo gets that. That is why I work here.
Beverly Markwith
EUC Operations Consultant


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